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Cancellation guarantee

cancellation guarantee: The cancellation guarantee amounts to € 2.50 per night and per accommodation or pitch. It is recommended to take out cancellation insurance under the conditions defined below:

            -Its amount is payable in full and only when booking. It is added to that of the deposit and concerns the people registered for the stay.

            -To be admissible, cancellation of the stay must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 7 days after the event resulting in cancellation. The complete list of reasons covered by this warranty is set out below. Any request for cancellation must be accompanied by precise and incontestable proof.

            -The cancellation guarantee ensures the reimbursement of the contractual rental price when the cancellation occurs between the date of reservation and the date of arrival at the campsite, for an unknown event or unforeseeable at the time of booking. Money not refunded: cancellation guarantee + deductible cancellation of 50 € + expenses of file.

Events covered by the guarantee (exhaustive list):


1.    Death, hospitalization or illness of yourself, your spouse, your ascendants, descendants, brothers or sisters.

2.    Dismissal of yourself or your spouse.

3.    Removal following a professional transfer.

4.    Damage to your principal residence following a fire, water damage, damage caused by theft or vandalism, storms, natural disasters.

5.   The cancellation guarantee ceases to have effect from the beginning of the rental and cannot be used if any of the events listed above occurred during the stay.